About Miami Dolphins Bahamian Website

The Miami Dolphins Bahamian Website was started in September 1999 when I, Robert Henderson, was 13 years old. As you can probably tell, I have a clinical obsession with the Dolphins, and have put countless hours into this site over the years. This site is particularly special to me because it’s been my experimental learning mechanism in all its stages. When I started to learn HTML back in 1999, I remember spending an hour or so trying to figure out where the heck the <title> tag was showing up.  Since then, I’ve been rolling.  Because of MDBW, I now make my career in web design, development, and marketing.  I work for an eCommerce Consulting company called Blue Acorn in Charleston, SC and am extremely happy and excited with what I do.  I guess because of this, you can attribute my life’s work to this website and to the Miami Dolphins.

I know it sounds silly, but it’s all true. MDBW wasn’t always the greatest site, and has been through ups and downs, popular, and just plain stagnant as I’ve gone through high school, college, and now my career dragging it along with me like a loyal dog.  Now the site is built on the WordPress platform which I’ve extremely enjoyed customizing and playing around with.  Wordpress isn’t traditionally a Content Management System (CMS), but more often used for blogging.  However, I’d like to feel I’ve done a damn good job of turning it into a pretty robust sports content system!  Prior to WordPress, MDBW has always been a static HTML page-by-page built site which got to the point where it became completely unmanageable and would take hours to just post an article.  The site started on Angelfire with a free domain name, and web based text editing (extreme headache!)  So, although it has taken me months to customize WordPress the way I want it with some clever PHP, CSS, jQuery, and HTML work… it is definitely worth how easy it is to deliver Miami Dolphins news to all of you.

The Miami Dolphins have given us the pleasure of attending Web Weekends each year since the summer of 2004 and it has been an amazing opportunity to network with those who do this kind of thing professionally in the NFL, and especially those who are just like me: crazy Dolphins fans who have nothing better to do than post their joy, frustrations, and rants on the Internet.

Thank you so much for visiting, and thanks for getting this far through this personal about me section.  Every site needs an explanation for why it is on the interwebs, I believe, and hopefully this lengthy ramble serves up as reason for you to understand why MDBW exists.

Many thanks to my father, Alistair Henderson, who has encouraged me, pushed me, and whined about getting content up on the site because without his gentle nagging, I probably would have given up on it all together.  Thanks to the loyal message board posters who have been chatting up some great and intelligent Dolphins football over the years as well: marinomisser, FinsFan, Zacko54, and others.  Don’t know why you have stuck around, but hopefully this new site gives you an answer!

Check out my write-up on the History of the Bahamas.  It’s brief and interesting, and you may just learn something new!

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