Miami Dolphins Players: Quit Being Babies and Find Your Self Respect

Disgusted, over it — this is how Miami Dolphins fans feel. Let’s start this article off with a reminder to all Dolphins players: you wouldn’t have a job if we (fans) did not root for you. You players got what you wanted when Owner Stephen Ross fired your head coach this morning, so now it’s time for you to dig deep and find your self respect. The reports floating around in the media over the last two weeks are dysfunctional, immature, and not anything that should be happening in a professional organization made up of adults.

Just because you get paid a lot of money, have the fame, and everyone knows your name does not give you the right to act the way you’ve been acting this season. You want to ignore the fans? Fine. Then, get off my team. Yes, this is my team just as much as it is the next guy’s. I buy your merchandise, I’ve had season tickets, and I invest 3+ hours of my weekend plus countless more during the week following your organization.

In most ways, us fans are the ones who have the proper perspective on things. Your marketing department has been promoting a #SinceMoment campaign this off-season for a reason: because fans like me have been fully invested in this team since we were kids. Heck, my father has been loyal to the Dolphins since the beginning. You know that number “50” you’re wearing on your jersey? Have you even thought about what that means? Fans do. How long have you been here Ndamukong Suh? 7 months? How about you, Ryan Tannehill? 3.5 years? Give us a break!

YOU don’t understand what we’ve endured watching this team. In the past 11 years, we’ve seen 3 coaches fired mid-season, one after the season, and another quit on us. That’s just 1/5 of the history of this franchise. You players have your paycheck, you have your glory, now find your self respect. There is absolutely no excuse for the way you’ve played over the past 4 weeks (especially the last 2). If every player played with the heart of Jarvis Landry on offense and Reshad Jones on defense, this team could be special — and the sad part is, you KNOW THIS.

I know you’re not the only problem with the Dolphins organization. I publicly called out Stephen Ross in my last article before your childish embarrassment in London. But who cares who the head coach is? Who cares what plays are being called? Execute the play no matter what is called. Win your matchup, beat the guy across from you, and DO YOUR JOB!

You’ve got a new guy in the head coach position in Dan Campbell. It’s time to be leaders and rally around him and play for him, the fans, and most importantly, yourselves. Enough is enough. This organization has already lost two generations of young Dolphins fans. Please try not to lose even more. Grow up, play football, and stop being a bunch of babies.

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