I’m So Tired of the Dan Marino Super Bowl Debate

I shouldn’t even be giving Omar Kelly the time of day. He’s proven time and again he’s just trying to get a reaction from people. However, on this one, I can’t help myself. I’d like to address the “Marino isn’t good enough because he never won a Super Bowl” debate.

Omar Kelly went on a Twitter spat, as he is known to do, but this time he attacked Dan Marino. Really?

First of all, you can’t compare Dan Marino to Tom Brady. Brady has had the benefit of NFL rules that favor the quarterback and wide receiver. Brady has had an All-Star offensive line his entire career. Brady played on arguably one of the best teams in NFL history in 2007 (oh, but they didn’t win a Super Bowl?). And the biggest difference, Brady has had the benefit of a head coach and coaching staff that is able to adapt.

So, to blame Marino for not winning a Super Bowl is completely ignoring the supporting cast (or lack thereof) he was given.

But didn’t Marino have one of the best coaches too?

Don Shula is considered one of the greatest coaches in NFL history because he’s won NFL titles, and has won the most games ever. But it won’t be for his job between 1983 – 1995 at the end of his career.

I guess then, in a way, I’m shifting the blame to Shula. It’s as if he drafted Marino and later Richmond Webb, and then wasn’t able to add anymore of a supporting cast. Who was Marino’s best running back over the course of his career? Tony Nathan at the very beginning? Karim Abdul-Jabbar? Bernie Parmalee? Who were Marino’s star wide receivers after Duper and Clayton? O.J. McDuffie was a nice slot/possession guy, but Marino never had that home run threat during the prime of his career. And what about the defense? Five out of 17 seasons Marino had a top-10 defense. Two of those were the last 2 years of his career, and another was his rookie season when he didn’t play the whole year. Ridiculous!

Rather than saying Marino failed to produce a championship in 17 seasons, maybe we should be guessing at how bad the Dolphins would have been without Marino. I’ll give you a hint: look at their performance since Marino retired.

Marino is one of, if not the best, quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. No amount of championships can measure the skill of a player in the ultimate team game. End of story.

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