Analyzing the Miami Dolphins next 5 games

Now that we’re two weeks into the season, games that looked difficult before the regular season, now seem winnable, and other games look more challenging.  The rest of Miami’s opponents aside, our very own Dolphins are raising eyebrows themselves.  There are eight teams through two weeks who are unbeaten at 2-0, but there is only one team that has won both those games on the road: the Miami Dolphins.  So, while certain upcoming games might not seem as difficult as first thought, it’s not all because the opponent isn’t as strong as expected.  So, let’s take a look:

Week 3 vs. Atlanta Falcons: When the schedule was first released, and even during the pre-season, this game was looked at as an extremely unlikely home-opening win for the Dolphins. However, with the Dolphins emergence (especially on defense) coupled with Falcons injuries and weaknesses on pass defense make this an evenly matched game in the Dolphins favor. I’m predicting a win here. (3-0)

Week 4 at New Orleans Saints: The Saints are back.  This was already going to be a tough game, but now it almost seems tougher.  I know the Saints didn’t blow the Buccaneers out of the water as expected, but how easily did Drew Brees march down the field in the final minute of play to win the game on Sunday? A big concern in this game will be Saints tight end Jimmy Graham.  The Dolphins have not solved their tight end coverage issues in the first two weeks.  The Saints will hand the Dolphins their first loss in the Big Easy on Monday Night Football. (3-1)

Week 5 vs Baltimore Ravens: This is far from the team that won the Super Bowl last season.  Perhaps the biggest break the Dolphins got, other than the numerous free agent losses, was the season ending injury to tight end Dennis Pitta.  The Dolphins win this game at home and will go into their bye week at 4-1. (4-1)

Week 7 vs Buffalo Bills: I would be scared of this game if the Dolphins didn’t have the benefit of the bye week and a home game to figure out this tricky new Bills team.  I think this game will be closer than expected and the Dolphins will squeak out a win. (5-1)

Week 8 at New England Patriots: How the mighty have fallen… BUT the Dolphins wish they could be playing the Patriots next week and not in week 8. This game will set up the rest of the season, and New England still scares me.  I’m not going to predict this game.  However, I will predict that the Patriots will be 4-3 while the Dolphins are 5-1 coming into this game.  Miami HAS to win this game to prove that they are here to take the AFC East.

Let’s get ready for the ride of the next 6 weeks Dolphins fans, and most importantly, let’s show the team our support!  The Dolphins have some great 3-game package offers, have one of the cheapest single-game tickets in the NFL, and they are WINNING.  If you are able, please go out and support the Dolphins on Sunday. We don’t want to see any orange seats!

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