A Win is Always Sweet, but a Blowout of the Jets in New Jersey is Sweeter

It’s great to be a Miami Dolphin! The Dolphins showed they were the better team on the field today after a week’s worth of loud statements from idiots like Rex Ryan, Antonio Cromartie, and Aaron “bust” Maybin.  Ryan said the Jets would leave it all out on the field for this game. If that’s the best you can play in front of your home crowd, the Jets have a long season ahead of them.

After blowing the first game against the Jets in Miami, the Dolphins answered with a resounding pounding of the biggest talkers in the NFL.  Mark Sanchez was confused, Tim Tebow couldn’t block on special teams, and the Dolphins offense answered despite an injury to starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

I’ll have more later, but this is a SWEET afternoon to be a Dolphins fan.  After about 15 years of mediocrity, our loyalty is finally paying off.  We’re seeing a team that is well-coached, well-disciplined, and on a mission.

Let’s not forget, Dolfans, this team could very well be 6-1 were it not for a couple of missed field goals and late game collapses.  But I’ll take 4-3 and the direction our Dolphins are headed any day.

I have to also give a huge shout-out to the Dolfans NYC crew who were heard loud and clear after discouraged Jets fans had left halfway through the THIRD quarter.  We’ve got a great fan base around the country, and this game just proves it.  Let’s start making it out to home games now, okay?

Things are looking up ladies and gentlemen, things are definitely looking up.

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