Jets at Dolphins: The Best Sunday in Sports

First of all, let’s get the proverbial chant out of the way:


Alright, now that we feel better, have pumped our chests a couple times, and annoyed the neighbors, let’s look at this game with some perspective.

Last week, I thought the Dolphins would beat the Raiders by a slim margin.  Of course, as fans, we didn’t know what to expect out of this team.  Anyone who predicted the actual final score would have been laughed at.  Now that we know what the Dolphins are capable at home, it becomes easier to analyze these match-ups.

Football is a simple formula when you look at it on a high level, and the Dolphins are a young team.  If the Dolphins stop the run, and don’t commit mistakes on offense, they have a chance to win the game.  Even against Houston, until a string of four turnovers in the second quarter turned into 24 Texans points, the Dolphins were competitive and very much in the game against a great football team.

So how does this relate to the hated Jets?  The Jets do not have the “ground and pound” ingredients of their ground and pound mentality.  Shonne Greene hasn’t lived up to expectations, LaDanian Tomlinson is retired, and Tim Tebow has a grand total of 33 yards rushing in two games.  Add to that, the Dolphins have the fourth ranked rushing defense in total yards and first in yards-per-carry average.  This adds up to a big advantage for the Dolphins on defense as long as Tebowmania doesn’t resurface itself in South Florida again.

Mark Sanchez, despite his propensity to make mistakes, has played solid mistake-free football against the Dolphins in his career.  Miami’s secondary is going to have to force Sanchez into some bad decisions and that means the pass rush is going to need to get going this week.

But what it all comes down to?  Ryan Tannehill and his ability to manage the game as a rookie quarterback against a confusing defense.  If Tannehill plays mistake-free football, the Dolphins win this game.

For the record, I’m not worried about the Jets putting any hot sauce on Reggie Bush.  Go eat a burrito Rex Ryan.

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