WTF: Tuesday Evening Miami Dolphins Hangover

I’m just starting to get over the hangover that game caused me (and probably you) on Sunday.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team commit 4 turnovers so fast and throw the whole game away.  Heck, 4 shots of Three Wise Men in a row would have left me better off the morning after.  Anyway, it’s Tuesday evening now, my Fantasy team got its ass kicked, the Dolphins lived up to the pessimistic media expectations, and I’m just starting to wanna look at this website (or anything about the Dolphins) again.

Yeah, I’ll eat the crow.  I called out the South Florida media before the game.  I straight up said “they aren’t going to get their asses kicked like every local reporter thinks.”  Who looks like a fool now? Not only was I wrong about them being wrong, but one of them was actually right (follow?)!  Greg Cote of the Miami Herald actually predicted the right score (30-10), and Adam Beasley was one point off (31-10) while correctly predicting: “The Tannehill Era gets off to a rocky start. Houston’s lethal pass rush makes sure of that.”  More like the Dolphins offensive line couldn’t contain J.J. Watt, and Ryan Tannehill couldn’t throw over him.


Not only did the Dolphins and my Fantasy team kick my ass (and their own), but the very local media pundits who I was disgusted with prior to the game were exactly right.  I’m not gonna spin the Houston game as a positive for the future, as a learning experience, or talk about Marcus Thigpen’s awesome punt return touchdown.  However, it doesn’t mean I can’t go back to being a homer while looking forward to the Raiders game ;-).

The Oakland Raiders (0-1) come to town on Sunday for the Dolphins home opener, and while they didn’t get beat as badly as the Dolphins, they didn’t exactly have the same level of competition, nor did they have a rookie QB making his first start on the road.  This is what picked me up off the ground today: the fact that the Dolphins may have a chance to play well and even squeak out a win on Sunday.

There will be no articles predicting the Dolphins won’t get blown out, I’m not going to predict they’ll win (I didn’t last week either just to keep things in perspective), but after one week of sh*tty football, I’m not giving up on this young team just yet.

The Dolphins have a lot to work on this week in order to put on a better performance in front of their home crowd (please go to the game!). They face a less talented offense at home in their silver and black jerseys at 1:00 in 90-degree Miami heat.  Add to that the Raiders are making a 3,000 mile trip across country after having just lost to the Chargers last night at around 1:00am East Coast time.  Short week, heat, up-tempo offense: bad news for the Raiders.

As the week progresses, we’ll take a deeper look into the Raiders game, but for now, at least I’m picking myself up (and hopefully you are too).

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