What Joe Philbin, Jeff Ireland and the Dolphins are Doing Will Lead to Winning

I’ve already said I’m feeling uneasy about the direction this season is headed. However, I have to have faith that the Miami Dolphins are taking the right steps to ensure this franchise climbs out of the basement and enjoys years of great success.

Let’s examine some NFL franchises that have been powerhouses over the past 5-10 seasons: the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, and Baltimore Ravens. What do all these teams have in common? The front office and coaching staff does not tolerate headaches, and the whole locker room buys into the culture they’ve cultivated. Heck, even Chad Ochocinco bought into the “Patriot Way”  last year. He was cut because he didn’t perform, not because he was a distraction.

Ochocinco (again Chad Johnson) is at a crossroads because it is his inherent nature to be a selfish prima donna, distraction, whatever you wanna call it. His stints with the Patriots and Dolphins have proven that.

Conventionally, each of these franchises has become successful on the field before stripping their roster of headaches and not considering them in the Draft or free agency. But Joe Philbin was brought in by Steve Ross with the understanding that he would have to do things his way. Since the Dolphins aren’t the most talented team in the NFL, he’s having to develop the culture and then start winning.

Karlos Dansby better watch out. He showed up to camp last year extremely out of shape which rendered him ineffective until halfway through the regular season. This new coaching staff knows that. And now he’s speaking out against what they’re doing. He’s looking at the new coach’s strategy too linearly. While Chad Johnson and Vontae Davis are no doubt talented NFL players, they do not fit the mold of this franchise’s model employee.

I work in a close office environment in which we work closely on teams to deliver a superior product. We are very careful in the hiring process to not only hire qualified individuals, but also to feel out their personality and how they might fit into our working environment. Because of this, in just 3 short years, we’ve gone from being a 2 person team to a 35 employee small company that is top-5 in our industry. How’d we do this? Hiring quality people, getting rid of distractions, and investing time in training to develop expertise.

An NFL team is no different. It’s a business that needs all its employees to come to work and believe in the company’s direction.

This is why I worry about Dansby. He’s a talented player, and the Dolphins interior defense is better when he plays, but he’s starting to become a cancer by questioning managerial decisions. Now that Ireland and Philbin have clearly shown they’re not afraid to get rid of their most talented players if they don’t fit, anybody’s game.

This is the way the Patriots operate, it’s why the Packers don’t show up in the news for anything but wins, and it’s why the Giants have won two Super Bowls in the past 4 seasons.

Tom Coughlin hasn’t always been the most popular “player’s” coach like, say, a Tony Sparano, but he gets sh*t done. The team is winning, and guess what? The whole organization has bought in to his approach from the players to their not-easy-to-please New York fan base.

The same thing is happening in Miami. Players who don’t fit, who don’t get it, will eventually be working somewhere else. And similarly, fans who don’t get it are going to jump ship and pretend they were with the team all along when the Dolphins start winning.

Why not the “Dolphin Way“?

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