With JT’s Career Coming to an End it’s Time to Show Support

One of the Dolphins’ all time greatest players, Jason Taylor, could be nearing the end of his fascinating career. Although the under-sized defensive end may not have the rings to coincide with his great play, he has won a defensive player of the year award and is quickly climbing up the list of the all-time sack leader list. After years of service in Miami – and despite his year in Jet Green – it’s time that we get behind Taylor to get him where he deserves to be on the all-time list.

Ahead of Taylor sits Giants legend Michael Strahan with 141.5 sacks, just three ahead of Jason Taylor. It is highly unlikely that JT will reach the number 4 spot held by Chris Doleman (with 150.5) but matching Strahan is definitely a possibility. These two last games to close out the season, against the Patriots and the Jets, are a fitting way to go out, if Taylor indeed hangs up his cleets after the season. I for one would love to see him take down Brady a few more times and to end the Jets playoff hopes in Miami with a few takedowns of Mark Sanchez.

Considering all that Taylor has done for us, with 14 years of blood, sweat and tears, it’s time to get behind him. Forgive him for leaving twice and forget that he was once a Jet, Taylor is still a Dolphin great. Taylor also leads the Dolphins and the NFL in career fumble-return touchdowns, maybe we’ll see a couple more before it all comes to an end.

Of course, it’s not like Jason has already told us that he is going to retire at the end of the year but if he does we need to make sure we make it known that we love him as he bows out. It would be great if Taylor would return for one last time next year but at age 37, with an all-new coaching staff coming in it’s not hard to see that retiring this year is definitely a possibility.

Regardless, with Marino’s record in jeopardy, it’s time another Dolphin vaults his name into the top 5 of another category and, again, wouldn’t it be great for his big break to come against New England and New York?

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