Dolfans still infected through Thanksgiving?

I’ve got the flu.  I shouldn’t travel on a plane without taking my Airborne and Echinacea, I know.  Should have realized I’d be sitting in front of the sneezer from hell. 

But as so often happens, when bad stuff happens, something good emerges from the wreckage.  Sometimes it takes a while to recognize it, but when the dust has finally settled, there it is, a glistening gem dragged from the rough.

And while some of you, well most of you probably, may not emphatically agree with me on this one, I’ve managed to pull a diamond out of my Kleenex.

At this point some of you, well most of you probably, may wish to stop reading and go back to whatever it was that you were doing before you stumbled on to this site. 

You see, in my Kleenex there was a bundle of nasty infectious germs, not gems.  Someone started spreading germs infecting all of us travelling the same journey. 

And that led me to thinking about the journey we Miami Dolfans take.

That was the good thing, the gem if you will, that came out of my misery. 

For it made me realize that it’s not just the flu bug that’s infectious.  Winning and losing football games are mighty infectious too.  Ask my co-writers.

Think of losing seven games in a row as a bundle of filthy used Kleenex tissues.  They are infectious and, amazingly, fans love to wallow in this stuff and more and more folks get affected and infected.  Before you know it some of the weakest are so badly infected that they get delirious and start wailing “Suck for Luck, Suck for Luck!”

And then, all of a sudden, things change.  Maybe some of us have remembered to take our vitamins.  But miraculously all the dirty tissues disappear and are replaced by a shiny new box of squeaky clean ones.  And the seven ugly losses fade into our mercifully short memories and are replaced by three shiny new wins in a row.  And just as miraculously, all the Dolfans (well, most of them anyway), get infected all over again, but this time by the JOY bug!

The thing is, when we are at our lowest with (say) the flu, we wonder if we’ll ever feel well again.  But eventually we do (usually).  And when things are going so well for us that we get dizzy with success we forget that things don’t always go right.  And eventually they don’t.

And so it is with football.  It’s fun to imagine the Dolphins running the table and finishing a glorious 9-7 this regular season.  Maybe even sneaking in to the play-offs.  In fact it’s easy to get infected with the talk of the chance of that happening.  Some bugs are fun to get bitten by, so enjoy this one while you can.   And remember to give thanks if you’re still infected by the end of Thursday night. 

But also remember that more than likely eventually you’ll be cured.

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